Connecting you with people who can help

Call 1-844-OCREVUS (627-3887) to speak to someone who can answer your questions about OCREVUS and MS, and provide information about financial assistance programs that may be available to you.

Once you have been prescribed OCREVUS, you can enroll in a program where you will be teamed up with your own personal Patient Navigator. This person will work with you and your healthcare team throughout your entire journey with OCREVUS. They will help to:

Explain how your insurance can cover treatment with OCREVUS

Coordinate finding an infusion location

Identify financial assistance options, including enrollment in the OCREVUS Co-Pay Program, if you are eligible

Reach out now for personalized support

We're here to answer any questions about using OCREVUS to treat your MS.

Call 1-844-OCREVUS (627-3887)

Support is available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM ET.

Call 1-844-OCREVUS (627-3887).