Infusion Experience

OCREVUS is an infusion that is given every 6 months.

These infusions can be given at an infusion center, your doctor’s office, or at home depending on what you and your doctor decide is right for you. Your first dose will be split between 2 treatments, for a total of 3 treatments your first year. Take a closer look at what you can expect.

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How OCREVUS is given

OCREVUS is an infusion therapy—also known as IV therapy—that is given through an IV placed in your arm, administered by a healthcare professional 2 times a year. Your appointment may take 4-6 hours due to premedication before your infusion, as well as 1 hour of monitoring post infusion.* Every dose after your first will be given as one single infusion six months apart, each lasting 2-4 hours. If you haven't had any serious infusion reactions with previous OCREVUS infusions, a shorter infusion option is available. Talk to your doctor to see if the shorter, 2-hour option may be right for you. Infusions can be given at an infusion center, your doctor’s office, or at home depending on what you and your doctor decide is right for you.

Here’s what the infusion experience may look like:

Total appointment time for your infusion: 4-6 hours
OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) pre-infusion illustration with doctor and patient

30-60 Minutes: Pre-Infusion

  • Your healthcare team will check your vital signs, evaluate for active infections, and ask questions about your overall health
  • 30-60 minutes before your infusion, you will be given medications, such as corticosteroids, an antihistamine, and antifever medication to help reduce possible infusion-related reactions
OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) patient infusion experience illustration

2-4 Hours: During Infusion

  • You'll be seated in a supportive chair along with all of your belongings
  • Be sure to have some entertainment and snacks on hand to pass the time
  • Once you're settled, an IV infusion needle will be placed in your arm and connected to an infusion pump
  • Your infusion will last between 2 to 4 hours.* Discuss with your doctor to see if the shorter 2-hour OCREVUS infusion is an option for you.
  • If an infusion reaction occurs, your healthcare team may stop or slow the rate of your infusion
  • Your healthcare team will monitor you closely from start to finish
OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) patient post-infusion experience illustration

1 Hour: Post-Infusion

  • For at least 1 hour after your OCREVUS infusion, you will be monitored for any side effects or infusion-related reactions
  • It's important to call your healthcare provider right away if you have any signs or symptoms up to 24 hours after your infusion. See side effects listed below for a list of possible infusion reactions

*The duration of an infusion could be longer if an infusion reaction occurs.

What to know before an infusion

Keep your healthcare team informed. Become familiar with important information about your treatment. Feel comfortable throughout the infusion experience. Stay on track with OCREVUS.

The better prepared you are for your infusion, the better your experience will be. The OCREVUS Infusion Checklist offers tips and suggestions to help you.

Make sure you understand the possible side effects.

Infusion reactions are a common side effect of OCREVUS, which can be serious and may require you to be hospitalized. Most infusion reactions are mild to moderate, and treatable with infusion adjustments and medicines.* Post-infusion, you will be monitored for at least 1 hour for signs and symptoms of an infusion reaction. Tell your healthcare provider or nurse if you experience any reactions up to 24 hours after your infusion.

Infusion Reactions May Include
  • itchy skin
  • rash
  • hives
  • tiredness
  • coughing or wheezing
  • trouble breathing
  • throat irritation or pain
  • feeling faint
  • fever
  • redness on your face (flushing)
  • nausea
  • headache
  • swelling of the throat
  • dizziness
  • shortness of breath
  • fatigue
  • fast heart beat

*These findings were learned from relapsing MS studies (Study 1 and Study 2) and are comparable with rates seen in the PPMS study (Study 3).

Get support at every step.

Once you have been prescribed OCREVUS, you can enroll in OCREVUS CONNECTS™. One of the resources this program provides is access to your personal team of Patient Navigators. Your Patient Navigators are available to work with you throughout your OCREVUS journey and can assist you and your healthcare provider in identifying an infusion site option that works best for you.

Your first year on OCREVUS

OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) infusion frequency chart 1

You will receive 3 infusions administered by a trained healthcare professional. Your first dose will be split into 2 infusions, 2 weeks apart. Each infusion will last about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Your third infusion will be 6 months later and will last between 2 to 4 hours.*

Year 2 and beyond

OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) infusion frequency chart 2

You will receive 1 infusion every 6 months, each lasting between 2 to 4 hours.*

*The duration of an infusion could be longer if an infusion reaction occurs.

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