Infusion-related reactions

Infusion-related reactions (IRRs) are a common side effect with OCREVUS

  • In clinical studies all people received premedications for IRRs before treatment with OCREVUS. In these studies the rate of IRRs was 34-40%

IRRs over time

IRRs at time of infusion

  • IRRs were most common during and within an hour after the infusion
  • Most IRRs were mild to moderate, and treatable with infusion adjustments and medicines to help with the reactions
  • OCREVUS can cause IRRs that can be serious and require you to be hospitalized

These are not all of the side effects associated with OCREVUS. For more information, please view the Medication Guide.

*The first dose of OCREVUS is split-given as 2 separate infusions 2 weeks apart. All following doses are given as 1 single infusion every 6 months. 

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