Getting Started with OCREVUS

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OCREVUS is given every 6 months as an IV infusion

  • Your first dose of OCREVUS will be given as 2 separate infusions 2 weeks apart. These will last about 2.5 hours each*
  • Every dose after your first will be given as 1 single infusion 6 months apart, lasting about 3.5 hours*
  • Before each infusion of OCREVUS you will receive corticosteroids and an antihistamine to help reduce infusion-related reactions (IRRs)
  • OCREVUS should be given under the close supervision of an experienced healthcare provider with access to appropriate medical support to manage severe reactions such as serious IRRs

*The length of infusion could be longer if an IRR occurs.

What to expect during the first infusion

With OCREVUS, your doctor or nurse will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

The location where you’ll receive your infusion will be determined—it may be at your doctor’s office or an infusion center.

There are a few steps to the infusion process:    

OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) Infusion Process

Listen in as real patients discuss infusions

The OCREVUS Infusion Experience: Jill

Jill, a nurse and clinical coordinator, discusses the OCREVUS infusion process with patients.


One call gives you access to comprehensive personal support for your questions related to OCREVUS and MS.

Your infusion checklist

Here are a few suggestions that can help you become better prepared for your infusion.

Hear from a neurologist

Get an expert perspective. Watch Dr. Barry Hendin discuss OCREVUS and hear from patients on treatment.