Dear MS,

We have been in a relationship for a while now. In the beginning we were just hanging out, mostly in ambulances, hospitals, and in bed. That apparently wasn’t enough for you. You wanted more, so we began to spend more and more time together.

And I was falling for you. Literally, falling for you. There were even times that you made me tingle all over. And other times when I had no feelings at all. Completely numb. But you demanded to be in my life and you even tried to make it impossible for me to see anyone else—by messing with my eyesight.

That spring, I fell for you again. This time hard. I tried to ignore you when I got up but you weren’t having any part of that and I fell again, now with a tire on my chest. Ok, you got me!

A few months later, we got married—“together forever ‘til death do us part.” And you quickly ran off my other loves—people, job, interests. You’re so needy, you consumed all of my energy, so much that I couldn’t get out of bed. I tried every single day to control you but you weren’t letting that happen.

But listen, I’m not a coward and I wasn’t about to let you turn me into one.

So I thought, “We are going to make the best out of this relationship.” Sure, you brought my sister to tears, you left my family and friends in disbelief, and me wondering where we were headed—but after 4 years of hating and denying you, I have decided to accept you, embrace you, and yes, love you. That’s right. I said it, I love you MS!

Thanks to few new friends like Dr. Melanson, Dr. Dragan and treatments like Ocrevus, our relationship can move forward.

Although most people want to break up with you, NOT ME. Nope. I know we are in this together forever. And “Although I may not change the world I’m gonna leave a scar” so yes MS, I love you!


Dear MS, I'm not a coward and I wasn't about to let you turn me into one.