Dear MS,

You make me sick! I don’t get you! To say that you totally misrepresented yourself when we first met is an understatement.

Then you just “ghosted” me. And I didn’t hear from you. Nothing.

But whenever you felt like it, you would just show back up in my life unannounced and turn things upside down. You sneaky, deceitful jerk! You made me see double, but at the same time I could see you clearer than ever.

Our relationship status went from “It’s Complicated” to “Dysfunctional” really quickly.

I hated you because in the prime of my life, you barged in and dominated it. Every time I looked around you were taking something. You took my confidence and replaced it with uncertainty. You snatched my energy. I lost my husband and marriage fooling with you. You held my future hostage and took my dreams away.

But guess what, MS? You. Underestimated. Me.

Yeah, I punked out and threw an extended pity party initially. But I realized that this challenge you’re throwing at me? I can handle it. You, my doctors, this new perspective I have—it’s all given me a renewed confidence and a “live-with-no-regrets” spirit. And I can now see how strong and resilient I really am.

And I realize now that you didn’t take everything from me. You actually gave me some things, too. Like perspective to not take life for granted. A platform to educate and inspire others as an Ocrevus Ambassador, and a new family full of adversity-defying MS warriors.

So regardless of whether you try to wreak havoc again, I only have this to say: Get out of here, you punk. You picked the wrong woman to fight.

I refuse to be your victim,

Dear MS, you picked the wrong woman to fight.