Dear MS,

If this letter comes across in a Totally-Not-Sorry kind of way, I will certainly know you have received this message Loud and Clear.

Just to keep it real, I have to give you credit where credit is due. You fought hard and did your best to keep me bound in this unhealthy relationship. In fact, I did go along with your twisted and deceitful plans for quite a long time. Entirely too long, in fact.

During this journey I have discovered that you have brought absolutely nothing of value to this relationship. Fear, anxiety, lies, self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, intimidation and confusion were just a few of the tactics you used to try and control me.

So, I have decided that it is long overdue for real truth and honesty. I have finally realized who I am. And the differences between you and me? There is really no place for compatibility.

You chose to try and strangle with fear, but you didn’t know that I would become fearless. You tried to keep me weak, but I became strong.

You tried to make me feel worthless, but I discovered that I am one of a kind, unique, and worthy.

You tried to make me timid and frail, but I became a warrior.

And now it’s my turn to confront you head on and I am NEVER going to let you forget it. You completely underestimated who you chose to mess with, such a HUGE mistake! And in case you try and forget, just remember this: You are a part of me, but you are not all of me.


Dear MS, you tried to make me timid and frail, but I became a warrior.