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Meet a group of individuals living with MS, who share their experiences to bring more awareness about MS. Discover their journeys from before diagnosis through their treatment experience with OCREVUS. Keep in mind that every person's experience with MS and with OCREVUS can be different.

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Patient Spotlight: Julie's journey to OCREVUS

I met my husband, Steve, while we were working and going to school. After getting married, we moved for his medical school and my nursing school. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we enjoyed having one date during the week at our local burger joint and sharing a banana split at an ice cream shop. We went on to have three boys.

When I was first told I had MS, it came from my husband. He’s a radiologist, and when I had an MRI on my spine, he was the one reading the images. He told me they found 10 lesions on my brain. I asked if I would die, and he started sobbing and said I had MS.

The next week, I went back to my neurologist and we decided on a treatment. But my symptoms never really went away. My sister encouraged me to make an appointment with a neurologist who specialized in MS. At my first appointment, we talked about my treatment options, including a clinical trial for an investigational disease-modifying treatment. It was later approved as OCREVUS.

Thinking back on my life since my diagnosis, I have had many emotions—shock, worry, and most of all, fear. But I now realize that when your focus is only on your illness, symptoms, and possible future disabilities, you’re paralyzed! I found that drawing strength from my faith and loved ones has helped me through this disease.

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