Meet Nadejda.

Her name means hope, and her positive outlook lives up to her name. She has relapsing MS, but won’t let it get the best of her. See what she has to say to her MS.

Dear MS,

I don’t even know where to start. When you first came into my life four years ago, I didn’t have time for you. But that didn’t stop you. You gave me double vision. Stole my smile. Paralyzed my face. The next 5 months were hell. I was stabbed by so many needles. And had so much blood taken out of me I could've sponsored a horror movie. I saw more doctors in 5 months than I had in my 26 years of existing.

I was only 26. I thought 26 would bring great things but you took that year of my life away. I felt likeI did nothing; wasted. I cried so many times throughout my diagnosis. From despair, pain, anguish. You just kept messing with my vision, vertigo, numbness. I even went blind in one eye.

I remember thinking my life was over, how will I do what I love to do? How can I be a makeup artist, play volleyball, drive, read, enjoy a sunset, everything!? Who would love me now? Who would want someone damaged?

Okay, but listen to me. I am done with you bullying me. I have grown so much since you first came into my life. I told myself I can do whatever I put my mind to. I am ADAPTABLE. Ever-changing. I chose to go on Ocrevus.

I mean, I still take care of my health. If I don’t feel good, then I check in with my doctor, and I rest and reset. Plain and simple.

But I am always moving forward because I have to. I need to. It’s a necessity. I refuse to let you push me around anymore!


Dear MS, I told myself I can do whatever I put my mind to.