Committed to helping patients access OCREVUS

OCREVUS Access Solutions provides access to assist your patients after OCREVUS is prescribed. Complete the OCREVUS Start Form to enroll your patients.


Genentech offers flexible services to best meet the needs of your patients and practice.

For more information, download the Patient Navigator Roadmap, or reach out to a patient navigator by calling (866) 422-2377 to discuss how to make our services work best for your patients and practice.

Find more resources for your patients with OCREVUS CONNECTS™ — from help finding an infusion center to assisting with access and reimbursement.

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Does your patient have commercial insurance?

OCREVUS Access Solutions can refer eligible patients to the OCREVUS Co-pay Program for help with the OOP cost associated with OCREVUS.

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Does your patient have insurance?

If eligible publicly or commercially insured patients have difficulty paying for their co-pay, co-insurance or other OOP costs, OCREVUS Access Solutions can refer them to an independent co-pay assistance foundation supporting their disease state.

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Does your patient have no insurance or have financial concerns?

The Genentech Patient Foundation helps people affected by serious medical conditions get the OCREVUS they have been prescribed. People who do not have health insurance, who have health insurance that does not cover their OCREVUS, or who can’t afford their OOP costs, and meet certain criteria may get free medicine.||

*This number comes from health plans who publish coverage policies; however, 9% of insured patients receive coverage from health plans that have not published OCREVUS coverage policies (as of May 2019). Genentech does not make any representation or guarantees concerning reimbursement or coverage for any service or item. Coverage policies for health plans are subject to change. All parties shall make their own determination of coverage in their area.

Eligibility criteria apply. Not valid for patients using federal or state government programs to pay for their medications. Patient must be taking the Genentech medication for an FDA-approved indication. See full terms and conditions at

Genentech does not influence or control the operations or eligibility criteria of any independent co-pay assistance foundation and cannot guarantee co-pay assistance after a referral from OCREVUS Access Solutions. The foundations to which we refer patients are not exhaustive or indicative of Genentech’s endorsement or financial support. There may be other foundations to support the patient's disease state.

||To be eligible for free OCREVUS from the Genentech Patient Foundation, insured patients who have coverage for their medicine must have exhausted all other forms of patient assistance (including the OCREVUS Co-pay Program and support from independent co-pay assistance foundations) and must meet financial criteria. Uninsured patients and insured patients without coverage for their medicine must rneet different financial criteria.