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We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources and links for your patients and practice all in one place. Find the forms, samples, guides, or links you’re looking for all in one convenient location.

Downloadable Resources

Download resources for your patients and practice

Dosing and Administration Guide

Find detailed information about dosing and administering OCREVUS from pre- to post-infusion


Sample Coding Guide

This coding information may assist you as you complete the payer forms for OCREVUS


OCREVUS Welcome Guide

Give your patients information to help prepare for the first infusion


Patient Education Kit

Get important information about OCREVUS in one place to help inform your patients


Sample Referral Form

Use this form to ensure your patients arrive at their next infusion with all the information they need


Site of Care Philosophy

Read Genentech's stance on making informed decisions about patient care


Patient Navigator Roadmap

Get an overview of what Patient Navigator services have to offer


Quick Link to Resources

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OCREVUS Start Form

Once you've prescribed OCREVUS, enroll your patients in OCREVUS Access Solutions


The OCREVUS Co-pay Program

Eligible commercially insured patients could pay as little as $5 for drug costs and as little as $5 for infusion costs


Independent co-pay assistance options

An independent co-pay assistance foundation is a charitable organization providing financial assistance to patients with specific disease states


Genentech Patient Foundation

The Genentech Patient Foundation is focused on giving free medicine to eligible patients in need


My Patient Solutions

Use this online tool to work with OCREVUS Access Solutions when it's convenient for you


Sample medical necessity and appeal letters

Choose from several sample medical necessity and appeal letter options


OCREVUS infusion training

Find detailed information about the steps taken before, during, and after each infusion


OCREVUS distribution

Find specialty distributors and pharmacies for OCREVUS