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Specialty Distributor & Specialty Pharmacy Network

Explore our network of OCREVUS distributors

Genentech has contracted with a network of authorized specialty distributors to service practices choosing to purchase OCREVUS through the buy and bill model. Customers can purchase OCREVUS through authorized specialty distributors and wholesalers that have made a commitment to product integrity. These partners have agreed to distribute only products purchased directly from Genentech and not to distribute OCREVUS through secondary channels.*


*Genentech does not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item.

Spoilage & Replacement

The OCREVUS spoilage & replacement program

The Genentech Spoilage Replacement Program provides for replacement of infused, injected, and self-administered products, which are prescribed and prepared for a labeled indication, yet not administered due to unforeseen patient clinical circumstances, subject to certain limitations and conditions set forth by Genentech. The purpose of the program is to support our commitment to protecting patient safety by preventing the use of spoiled, damaged, or contaminated products.

Please contact Genentech Customer Service at (800) 551-2231 to submit a request for replacement of spoiled product or to obtain additional information about the Program.