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Overview of your OCREVUS Team

Get the support you're looking for from your OCREVUS team

At Genentech, we understand patients may have financial concerns related to their treatment. We are dedicated to helping ensure our medicines are accessible for the patients who have been prescribed them. OCREVUS Access Solutions provides flexible services to best meet the needs of your patients and practice.

If you have questions about the services provided by Access Solutions, or are looking for support, there is a team of representatives ready to offer assistance:

  • Patient Navigators: serve as your point of contact, and provide access, reimbursement, and infusion location and coordination support
  • Clinical and Reimbursement Managers: provide local coverage and reimbursement expertise, information on Genentech services, and infusion location support
  • Therapeutic Area Managers (Clinical Specialists): provide education on the science, safety, and efficacy behind OCREVUS, and support for the OCREVUS Co-pay Program

If you’d like to learn more, email your OCREVUS representative or reach out to your Patient Navigator at 1-844-OCREVUS (1-844-627-3887).

OCREVUS Access Solutions

Support for you and your patients throughout treatment with OCREVUS

Access Solutions is committed to helping your patients access the Genentech medicines they need, providing assistance to your patients after OCREVUS is prescribed.

For more information, download the Patient Navigator Roadmap or reach out to a Patient Navigator by calling 1-844-627-3887. If you're ready to enroll your patients in Access Solutions, complete the Start Form once you've written a prescription for OCREVUS.


My Patient Solutions® to enroll online

You can also enroll in Access Solutions online with My Patient Solutions®

My Patient Solutions is an online tool to help you enroll and manage your Access Solutions service requests.*

*The completion and submission of coverage- or reimbursement-related documentation are the responsibility of the patient and health care provider. Genentech makes no representation or guarantee concerning coverage or reimbursement for any service or item.

Infusion Site Location Services

Finding an infusion site with Access Solutions

Once they've been enrolled, Access Solutions provides support in finding the right infusion site for your patients, and My Patient Solutions can help coordinate your patients' infusions online.

For help finding an infusion site, reach out to a Patient Navigator at 1-844-OCREVUS (1-844-627-3887).

After you and your patient choose an infusion site, use the sample infusion referral form to ensure your patients are prepared with all the information they need before their next infusion.


Local infusion center details are provided for information purposes only. Genentech does not recommend or endorse any infusion center. Infusion center details do not include information regarding coverage and reimbursement of infusion services. The tool does not represent a full list of all infusion sites, nor does it guarantee that all sites listed will accept referred patients or infuse a Genentech medicine.