A >2-year clinical trial 4,5,42

The first and only FDA-approved PPMS therapy proven in a clinical study

ORATORIO study design, key inclusion criteria, 2:1 randomization & ORATORIO trial endpoints.

Patients were randomized 2:1 and received either OCREVUS or placebo as two 300 mg IV infusions administered 2 weeks apart every 24 weeks throughout the treatment period.

OCREVUS: n=488.
Placebo: n=244.
*2005 revised McDonald criteria.

PPMS patient demographics for ORATORIO, OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab) vs placebo.

Proven in PPMS 4,42

OCREVUS was proven in PPMS across key clinical measures of efficacy and safety.

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EDSS=Expanded Disability Status Scale; FSS=Functional Systems Score; Gd+=gadolinium-enhancing; PPMS=primary progressive multiple sclerosis; PRMS=progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis; RMS=relapsing multiple sclerosis; SPMS=secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.