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Our Site of Care Philosophy

Making informed decisions about the infusion process

At Genentech, we believe that all patients deserve appropriate, timely, quality healthcare. That’s why we provide resources for you and your patients to help find the right infusion location for them—either at an infusion center or at home.

To learn more about Genentech’s stance on choosing the right infusion site for your patients, download our Philosophy on Site of Care and Home Infusion.


Locating an Infusion Site

Looking for an infusion site for your patients?

There are many options for infusion sites across the country. If you’re looking for support in finding an infusion site—including home infusions—you can always contact your OCREVUS representative or Patient Navigator.

To contact your Patient Navigator or representative, please call OCREVUS CONNECTS™ at 1-844-OCREVUS (1-844-627-3887).

There are additional third-party resources available to help you find alternate infusion site options*:

*Local infusion center details are provided for information purposes only. Genentech does not recommend or endorse any infusion center. Infusion center details do not include information regarding coverage and reimbursement of infusion services. The tool does not represent a full list of all infusion sites, nor does it guarantee that all sites listed will accept referred patients or infuse a Genentech medicine.
The Infusion Center Locator is non-medication and non-disease specific, so it contains sites that may not infuse OCREVUS or that may not be covered by a particular patient's insurance provider.

Referring Patients to Infusion Sites

Sample referral form

After you and your patient choose an infusion site, use the sample infusion referral form to ensure your patients are prepared with all the information they need before their next infusion.