Convenient 6-month dosing schedule

OCREVUS is administered twice yearly as a 600 mg IV infusion

  • First dose: 600 mg dose administered as 2 separate 300 mg IV infusions given 2 weeks apart over 2.5 hours*
  • Every subsequent dose is administered as a single 600 mg IV infusion every 6 months given over 3.5 hours* 
  • Administer OCREVUS under the close supervision of an experienced healthcare professional with access to appropriate medical support to manage severe reactions such as serious infusion reactions. Observe patients for at least 1 hour after completion of the infusion to help manage potential infusion reactions
Standard 6-Month Dosing Cycle With OCREVUS

If a dose is missed, administer OCREVUS as soon as possible and reset the dose schedule. Doses of OCREVUS must be separated by at least 5 months.

*Infusion time may take longer if the infusion is interrupted or slowed.

Pretreatment evaluation

  • Hepatitis B virus screening should be performed in all patients before initiation of treatment with OCREVUS
  • Patients should complete any required vaccinations at least 6 weeks prior to initiation of OCREVUS

Preparation before every infusion

Infection assessment
  • Determine whether there is an active infection. In case of active infection, delay infusion of OCREVUS until infection resolves
Recommended premedication
  • Premedicate with 100 mg IV methylprednisolone (or equivalent) approximately 30 minutes before each infusion
  • Premedicate with an antihistamine (eg, diphenhydramine) approximately 30 to 60 minutes prior to each OCREVUS infusion
  • The addition of an antipyretic (eg, acetaminophen) may also be considered

Recommended dose, infusion rate, and infusion duration for RMS and PPMS

Solutions of OCREVUS for IV infusion are prepared by dilution of the drug product into an infusion bag containing 0.9% sodium chloride, to a final drug concentration of approximately 1.2 mg/mL.
First single infusion should be administered 6 months after Infusion 1 of Initial Dose.
§Infusion time may take longer if the infusion is interrupted or slowed.

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OCREVUS Dosing and Administration Guide

Download this useful resource designed to provide guidance to MS care teams and infusion centers.

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