Review efficacy data in controlled head-to-head trials vs Rebif
The first and only FDA-approved therapy for PPMS
Safety results demonstrated in 3 pivotal Phase III studies
100,000+ RMS and PPMS patients have started OCREVUS® (ocrelizumab). Of the 100,000+ more than 4,000 are clinical trial patients and more than 96,000 are real-world patients.

100,000 OCREVUS patients and counting

From clinical trials to real-world use, OCREVUS continues to add more patients.

6-month dosing schedule

The first dose of OCREVUS is administered as two 300 mg IV infusions 2 weeks apart. Subsequent doses are administered as a single 600 mg infusion every 6 months.

DMT=disease-modifying therapy.
*Symphony Health prescriber-based DMT data as of April 2019.